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I received my B.A. from the University of Minnesota at Mankato in 1968 and began doing sports murals. Initially I painted 50's cars as an affirmation to acquire one in my own life. I loved the smooth, rounded fenders and bumpers which reminded me a bit of a full-figured woman, the kind the old masters would paint reclining on a divan.

I can be classified as a fairly realistic painter. I have a natural graphic ability yet my work has been called mysterious and playful at the same time. My paintings often express my life experiences and so my subject matter continues to change and grow. Living on the Central Coast of California has inspired my landscapes. I feel compelled to paint the beauty and peace of my surroundings. The scope of this land and sea are endless and I seem to find a new painting around every corner and down every road.

Throughout the years I have appeared in many exhibits, publications and have completed numerous commissions and murals. I consider myself a working artist and I look forward to more and exciting venues to express my creativity.